Colorado Shipping Service

Colorado Shipping Service

Our courier service offers ground and overnight delivery with our major plus factor being speed of delivery of important and timely documents, money or information.

Ancient courier services can be traced back to homing pigeons and “runners” who physically ran miles to deliver their messages.

Courier service has been important in the United States since Wells Fargo was founded in 1852.  Wells Fargo shipped gold, packages, and newspapers throughout the west during the western migration and the gold rush days.  Next came the Pony Express – they followed the stagecoach routes, but made deliveries faster.

colorado shipping serviceModern courier services in the early 19th and 20th centuries were few and far between and delivered mostly personal messages, luggage, and packages.  After 1970, with the rise of mail order retailing, high postal costs and international business expansion, the courier service industry really came into its own.

Today the most widely known delivery company – Unites Parcel Service – handles over 12 million packages per day, and they offer Colorado shipping service and world-wide delivery.  It began as a local service for department stores in Seattle, Washington in 1907 and was then known as the American Messenger Co.  In the early 2000’s, UPS became the largest  company to offer world-wide shipping of on-line purchases – e-commerce.  Federal Express is another giant in the industry.  It was the first of its kind to provide overnight delivery by air using its own fleet of planes.

There are various kinds of “personalized” couriers as well.  The most commonly known is the bike messenger, who races across town carrying items within cities from one office building to another.  They are used for deliveries that for some reason cannot be faxed or e-mailed.  Other personal courier services in Denver include bank couriers, who deliver packages and documents to the financial institution’s customers and back again.  Medical/Lab couriers make sure that specimens get to labs on time to prevent inaccurate results.  A fun type of courier service job is the “singing telegram” or “balloon-gram” deliverers who must have perfect timing for their deliveries of personal messages, sometimes during parties or other festive occasions.

Another interesting type of specialized courier service in Denver and worlwide is the airline passenger, referred  to as “on-board courier.”  The “on board courier”’ must be able to go anywhere at any time and is compensated with discounted fares.  This service saves companies any hassle over customs or consequences of late deliveries

Courier service is more expensive than ordinary mail, but in some cases a good courier service is the only way to go, as when dealing with hard copies of legal documents and special material files that must be stored  The extra costs are warranted when features such as security and tracking are considered.

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